Marketing so smart, it knows how you feel

We help brands use both logical and emotional intelligence to develop strong, integrated marketing strategies to increase customer engagement and acquisition.

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Ideas can come from many places. But great ideas need to come from the brain and heart. Our agency understands that you need to use both logical and emotional intelligence to develop strong, integrated strategies based on data insights.

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Impressive Insights.
Smarter Strategies.

Using technologies like eye tracking software, facial expression analysis and other biometrics, bluekite can build bold, impactful marketing strategies that will elicit the right emotions in your customers and inspire them to action. Emotion and logic need to go hand-in-hand. And together, we can make your brand connect with your customers and truly stand out as one of the greats.


Marketing that Speaks
Directly to Your Heart.



“bluekite’s neuromarketing research is the next generation of brand marketing insight and analysis. This innovative approach has allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to identify key components that can and will drive future decisions for our brand.”

–Brian Killingsworth

Former Chief Marketing Officer
Tampa Bay Buccaneers



The world is always changing – keep yourself in the know. Here’s our perspective on the latest marketing and technology trends, and how you can use them to better your brand.

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