RICG and Blue Kite Insight Announce Merger

RICG, established in 1989 in New York City as a creative and advertising agency is best known for developing customized content for brands such as Disney, Sony, and Intuit. Today, RICG announced the merger of its capabilities with consumer research agency Blue Kite Insight.

Blue Kite Insight, based in Tampa, Florida, analyzes consumers’ attentional and emotional responses to marketing messages, advertising campaigns, and digital communications. The firm’s clients include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Disney, and Raymond James Financial.

Combining our capabilities makes perfect sense at this time. Having advanced research capabilities in-house will allow us to provide clients with strong, strategic campaigns based on deep consumer insights,” said Christopher DeSantis, formerly CEO of RICG who will be CEO of the merged company.

Blue Kite Insight combines traditional forms of research with technologies like eye tracking, facial expression analysis, and other biometric measures to provide brands with a deeper understanding of consumers’ behaviors and implicit responses. Research is conducted online or in-person, depending on a client’s goals and objectives.

Research has – and will continue to be – the foundation of the work we do for clients; it will be the starting point of everything we do,” said Terri Hewitt, former Chief Strategy Officer of Blue Kite Insight and now of the newly merged company. She added: “Incorporating creative and branding solutions into the research mix means we can provide clients with smarter solutions based on behavioral data.

The combined agency will be known as bluekite, maintaining offices in Tampa and New York City.

About Blue Kite Insight:
Blue Kite Insight provides clients with deep insights into the “why” of consumer decision-making. The company’s multisensory and mixed methods approach analyzes what people do, see, and feel while interacting with marketing campaigns. Combining traditional forms of research with eye tracking, facial expressions analysis, and other biometric measures provides clients with deeper consumer insights resulting in strategic insights that spark creativity and maximize the effectiveness of campaigns pre- and post-launch.

About RICG:
RICG is an NYC-based creative and strategic technology consultancy firm, guiding brands through advanced technologies. The RICG team has more than 29 years of experience in creative advertising, marketing, and data analytics. They consist of forward-thinking creatives, technologists,  and brand strategists who understand how data can inform all aspects of a brand’s strategy, from concept to creation through engagement.

Interested in learning about our capabilities? Visit https://bluekiteagency.com/